Siberian American Sturgeon Caviar
Siberian American Sturgeon Caviar
Siberian American Sturgeon Caviar
Siberian American Sturgeon Caviar

United States

Siberian American Sturgeon Caviar

$ 174.00
Exhibiting an attractive dark charcoal color, this cultivated Siberian caviar delivers a creamy, nutty flavor that is described as sweet and rich—comparable to fine Sevruga caviar.
  • Species: Acipenser Baerii
  • Sustainable: Yes
  • Environment: Farmed
  • Location: United States


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Harvested from the Siberian stock Acipenser Baerii, this American Siberian caviar combines the best of both worlds, offering the finest caviar Siberian sturgeons have to offer with the added environmental benefit of a sustainable American source.

American Siberian caviar displays a rich, deep charcoal color that makes for a striking first impression. Medium-sized roe melt in the mouth, yielding a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly nutty, sweet flavor. The flavor of American Siberian caviar has often been compared to fine Sevruga varieties.

Khavyar’s American Siberian caviar comes from certified Siberian sturgeon that are raised domestically in the United States. While Siberian sturgeon, which are native to Siberian river basins, are no longer commonly wild-fished, the species now enjoys a renewed popularity here in America due to the efforts of sustainable farms and fisheries.

As with the Sevruga caviar it is often compared to, this American Siberian caviar is known for having a strong flavor. This means that, unlike subtler caviars, it can support some garnishes— while American Siberian caviar can certainly be enjoyed alone direct from the tin, it can also be served on cold boiled potatoes— some chefs even recommend it as a topping on scrambled eggs, for a deliciously different brunch option.