Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription


Monthly Subscription

$ 198.00


  • Subscription orders ship on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for overnight delivery on Wednesday.
  • You will receive a shipment notification email when your order is processed, on the 4th of each month.
  • Prior to shipment, we will send you an email that highlights the caviars we have selected for you, along with helpful information and ideas for how to best enjoy your caviar.

Subscription FAQs

  1. What caviar(s) do I receive, and when? Do I get to pick the caviar?
    Caviar pairs are curated by our team to give you a complimentary variety over the term of your subscription. At the end of the six months you will have had the opportunity to experience many unique types of imported and domestic caviars. You'll receive an email toward the beginning of each month outlining the caviar being sent to you that month. Unfortunately we are unable to make subsitutions.

  2. Can I personalize a gift card?
    Yes. Gift cards are available during the check

  3. Can I ship to different locations?
    You'll be able to change the address you are sending the caviar to so long as we hear from you within 48 hours of your shipment details email that arrives at the beginning of the month.

  4. When does my caviar arrive?
    We will ship your order via overnight delivery on the 2nd Tuesday of each month to arrive the 2nd Wednesday of each month, weather permitting.

  5. Can I track my order?
    ou will be emailed a tracking number automatically prior to delivery. If you do not receive a tracking number feel free to email us at

  6. What if my order is delivered late?
    We package your order to last 2 days in transit. If your order is delayed for more than 2 days, please contact us.

  7. How is caviar packaged?
    Your caviar is packed to order in Styrofoam with gel packs to meet USPS, FedEx & UPS overnight shipping standards.

  8. Does caviar have an expiration? 
    Yes. Please do not keep your caviar longer than 21 days in your refrigerator.

  9. How should I store caviar?
    Caviar should be stored in the refridgerator only, and is is best stored at the bottom, rear inside of your refrigerator (this is the coldest part of the refrigerator that keeps the most cool air from escaping). Please do not keep your caviar longer than 21 days in your refrigerator.

  10. Can I unsubscribe?
    Yes, you may unsubscribe at any time after your 2nd shipment by logging into your Khavyar account and clicking on "Manage Subscriptions".

  11. How/when will I be charged?
    For those paying on a month-to-month subscription, your card will be charged monthly after 48 hours after receiving your shipment details email that arrives at the beginning of the month. For those who have opted for the additional discount by paying for 6 months in advance, your card will be charged automatically once at the beginning of your 6 month subscription.

  12. What happens if my order arrives spoiled?
    f your order arrives spoiled in any way, please email us at

  13. I have more questions.
    You can email us at We are always happy to help.