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As purveyors, we exist to deliver the most exceptional caviar experience available to our customers. It is our belief that the quality of product we offer is second to none, and that sustainability is more than a business practice—it is a passion born of respect for our environment.

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Welcome to Khavyar, the premiere online destination for the finest collection of domestic and imported roes. Since 2015, we've been offering a carefully curated selection of exquisite caviar that meets our impeccable standards. Sustainably sourced from the most desired locations around the world, our decadent caviar is a favorite choice among top chefs and gourmet caterers.


During the Middle Ages, British kings regarded the sturgeon as the “Royal Fish,” a luxurious indulgence reserved for the pleasure of the royal court. The name caviar is derived from the Persian word “kavyar,” which means “cake of strength.” Collected from wild sturgeon from the Kura River, these fish eggs were treasured by the Persians, who believed that roe contained medicinal powers.

In the 16th century, caviar quickly became a favorite delicacy among royalty, particularly with Russian Tsars and Iranian sheiks. Theses decadent fish eggs were typically sourced from wild sturgeon caught in the Caspian and Black seas. In fact, it wasn't until the 1800s when caviar was introduced to the mainstream aristocracy, thanks to entrepreneur Henry Schacht, a German immigrant. Due to the high demand of roe and increasing popularity, the sturgeon population suffered from overfishing and became nearly extinct.

Despite overfishing of wild sturgeon and severe quotas imposed by world leaders in the early and mid 2000’s, the caviar industry is experiencing a second golden age thanks to the recent explosion of companies producing sustainable farmed-raised roe.

At Khavyar, we also feature a delightful variety of traditional complements, including crème fraiche from Vermont and French blinis. You’ll also find other essential accompianments such as Mother of Pearl spoons, which help maintain the delicate flavors of fish roe. Add a sprig of dill for an aromatic finish and get ready for an amazingly delicious burst of flavors ranging from nutty and buttery to creamy and piquant.

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Today, caviar is an essential component to the fine dining experience. Paired with traditional and seasonal compliments, these delicate tapioca pearls from the sea add sophistication and elegance to a delightful variety of amuse bouche. A trusted source for premium fish-eggs, our caviar company is proud to offer the best caviar from a variety of popular Sturgeon species, including Beluga, our most popular, Osetra, and more. Shop Khavyar today and treat your guests to luxurious and distinctive fish eggs, the ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance.