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Years ago, most of the world’s caviar once came from wild caught sturgeon from the Caspian and Black seas. We see it first referenced in medieval times in Constantinople during the 12th century – then the center of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In 1280, caviar is formally sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church as a food that can be consumed during religious fasts. This is during a time when the Church strictly governed the most minute aspects of all Russian life.

The Russians were not the only connoisseurs of the time. The Persians were also early adopters of this delicacy into their diet. The Persians believed that the eggs held medicinal powers. In fact, the word “caviar” is derived from the original Persian word “Khav-yar” meaning “cake of power”. Almost a thousand years ago, the Caspian region recognized, realized & adopted the same dietary solutions for health benefits that modern science tells us caviar provides.

Since the 16th century, it was considered a delicacy reserved for the royal courts of Iranian sheiks and Russian tsars. But when sturgeon was pushed to near extinction from overfishing and destruction of spawning habitats, caviar was on the brink of collapse by 2006.

Despite fishing bans and the global trade sanctions that followed, caviar is experiencing a second golden age thanks to sustainable aquaculture practices at state-of-the-art fish farms both here in the United States & around the world.

Domestic Caviar

Find the best domestic caviar for your next special occasion or holiday from our collection of the finest sturgeon roe. At Khavyar, you can discover our collection of premium domestic fish eggs that are comparable to the finest sevruga and osetra caviars.

Adhering to the strictest guidelines and impeccable standards, our farm raised American sturgeon caviar is harvested in pristine environments that provide cold artesian well water and a carefully stipulated diet for the fish stock. Our wild freshwater roes are carefully selected by experts to guarantee the most current, innovative methods & finest processes available.

A popular choice among chefs is our Sturgeon Royal White Caviar. This is a decadent selection of the Acipenser transmontanus variety from the crystal-clear spring waters of Idaho that feed into the Snake River Aquifer. These medium to larger sized eggs range in color from slate to black pearls and will add a dash of classic sophistication to your dish.

A favorite among newcomers is our wild freshwater Spoonbill – also referred to as Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) - from the Mississippi & Tennessee River valleys. Affordably priced, this silvery osetra like caviar is rich & creamy, small & robust.

Another domestic caviar similar to osetra is our Sturgeon White Caviar. This selection delights the taste buds with its creamy, savory flavors and clean finish. These luxurious medium-sized pearls are rich, brown-black eggs that add a touch of elegance to your fine dining experience.

Producing 15 tons annually, American caviar is now a big fish in a shrinking industry, especially with the exponential increase of sustainable farming in clean, controlled environments. Buy domestic caviar online from our premier marketplace and delight the palate with our Siberian American Caviar, a luxurious farm-raised roe that tastes similar to exceptional sevruga caviar with flavors ranging from creamy and nutty to sweet and rich.

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Following strict guidelines for sustainability and superior quality, our selection of wild caught sturgeon roe comes from the beautiful waters of the Tennessee & Mississippi River Valley.

Like a fine wine, caviar should first be tasted alone to experience all its complex flavors. When you’re ready for a burst of flavors, caviar is traditionally served on blinis, which are mini pancakes made with buckwheat or flour. Add a dollop of crème fraiche for a smooth, creamy finish and a sprig of dill for a hint of aromatics. To get the most out of your caviar experience, avoid using silver because it tarnishes. Many enthusiasts claim that metal affects the taste, but it remains debatable. We don’t encourage it. Bone or glass spoons are a nice touch, but the traditional way to serve caviar is by using Mother of Pearl spoons, which is our recommendation.

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