Smoked Seafood


Khavyar is elated to offer gourmet smoked seafood available online, with varieties from both the United States and Scotland. An elevated addition to appetizers, breakfast dishes, and more, we offer two types of smoked fish online: salmon and rainbow trout. These fresh-caught salmon and rainbow trout are smoked over fruitwoods to impart a delicious and nuanced flavor. Today, you can find smoked fish for sale that has been made using many different types of hardwoods— these fruitwoods, however, are a traditional choice.

What is smoking (and how it works)

As with other types of proteins, smoking is effective and delicious way to preserve fish that has been used across the globe for thousands of years. Typically, fish is first salted (and sometimes sugared), either with a rub, a bath or marinade, or by injection. The salted fish is then left in an enclosure filled with smoldering wood shavings for a period of days. Many varieties of hardwoods can be used, though each will impact a subtle-yet-distinct flavor onto the finished product.

This process is typically split into hot- and cold-smoking. With cold-smoking, fish is kept between 28-32 degrees Celsius, a process which changes the flavor but does not cook the fish— therefore, the resulting fish still needs to be refrigerated afterwards to preserve it and to keep pathogens and enzymes at bay. In the case of hot smoking, these enzymes will be killed off, as the fish is kept between 70-80 degrees Celsius. Hot smoking is generally used on trout, as it creates a firmer final product with a flaky, dry-leaning texture.

After the initial smoking process, some varieties of fish are cured a second time to add additional flavors, as is the case with our Scotch smoked salmon.

What we recommend

Our gourmet seafood and smoked fish category offers two types of smoked salmon and a smoked rainbow trout. When deciding between these options, it’s important to know the difference between each, from how they’re smoked to how they’re best served.

Atlantic salmon: A traditional cold-smoked salmon, this variety is bathed in brine and sea salt before being smoked for days over specially selected Northeastern fruitwoods to impart a subtly smoky flavor. Its mild taste makes smoked Atlantic salmon a good fit for pasta dishes, salads, and breakfast dishes.

Scotch smoked salmon: This differs from traditional smoked salmon due to the woods used in the smoking process, which impart some of the subtle smokey notes of Scotch whisky. Oak barrels or chips from old whisky barrels are used to create the nuanced flavor profile, which perfectly complements the natural characteristics of salmon. Because of its more robust flavor, Scotch smoked salmon is ideal for canapés or serving on rye toasts.

Rainbow trout: For something different, opt for our hot-smoked rainbow trout. With a delicious flaky texture, smoked rainbow trout makes a handsome addition to cheese and charcuterie platters.