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Good News: You Can Now Order Caviar Online

KHAVYAR has arrived

Tired of making that schlep to Petrossian to fulfill your caviar needs? It just got a lot easier thanks to KHAVYAR, the new online caviar destination launched today to procure caviar of all shapes and sizes. 

“As purveyors, we exist to deliver the most exceptional caviar experience available to our customers,” the tony service set said in a release. “It is our belief that the quality of product we offer is second to none, and that sustainability is more than a business practice—it is a passion born of respect for our environment.” 

KHAVYAR’s founder Patrick Brown began his career in 1992 at Bruce Foods, but now he’s seeking to streamline and democratize caviar consumption with this new venture.

Holiday Caviar Gift Sets

For the holidays, the Khavyar’s gift set includes a trio of caviars from high to low starting with the Ikura Salmon hailing from Alaska at just $15 per oz, followed by the Sturgeon Royal White at a cool $163 per oz, and ending with the Osetra Galilee Prime sources from wild Russian Sturgeon at $226 for 30g.

In addition to this trio, the brand catered to the uptown set sources from exotic ports of call including Belgium, Israel, Denmark, and Germany, along with domestic varieties starting at $12 recommended for “garnishing or beer pairing.” 

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Thank you

Caviar Director

As we launch KHAVYAR, we want to thank you for taking the time to explore our offerings.

Our brand and our caviars are the culmination of many interests—from international travel and cuisine to architecture, automobiles and fashion.

From a culinary standpoint, caviar is a world unto itself—a myriad of textures, flavors, experiences that are unique to each roe and it's environment. 

Caviar Khavyar Osetra Hackleback

Caviar is a dynamic experience—every roe from each fish is different, and while consistency in grading is paramount, there will always be variations that keep the palate entertained.

Every season we endeavor to provide a wide range of caviars and roes—and an equally wide range of price points. We believe that caviar can be enjoyed, in the proper context, at any price point.

Whether you're looking for an exquisite experience of Osetra Supreme paired with an exceptional vodka, or you prefer to keep it easy with a fine pilsner and some Hackleback, we hope that you find many unique experiences within our curation of caviars.


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