Caviar from Iran - Learn the History of Iranian Caviar

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Once the top exporter in the world, Iran is now a small fish in a big pond in today's Iranian caviar industry. In fact, 40 tons of Iranian caviar was exported in 2000 alone. However, because of economic sanctions imposed by world leaders in response to the country's nuclear weapons program, the Iranian caviar export industry took a major hit in 2014. Despite these setbacks, the financial projections for Iranian caviar are looking positive, especially after Tehran struck a deal in 2015 to curb its nuclear program in exchange for a lift on economic sanctions, including the export of highly desired Iranian beluga caviar.

Iranian Caviar

If you're looking for Iran caviar for sale, keep in mind that it could be either fake or illegal due to the fact that Iranian caviar exports are still banned in many countries. If you buy Iranian caviar, make sure that the jar is vacuum-sealed. When you open the jar there also shouldn't be a layer of water or oil, which is a red flag for low-grade fish or fake roe. 

Iranian beluga caviar comes from Sturgeon that originated from the Northern provinces of Iran, including Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan. When it reaches 12 years old, the fish are transferred to specialized factories and processed in an isolated hygienic environment. The ultimate symbol of aristocratic elegance, Iranian caviar is then preserved in a special salt mixture, a practice that was borrowed from the fish preparation techniques of ancient China.

Learn More About Caviar From Iran

Iranians believe that caviar is the only food that causes cellular regeneration, which they refer to as black gold. Typically priced at $300 for 50 grams, caviar is considered an expensive luxury item because of its high price. Iranian caviar is also known for its creamy texture and buttery flavors of the sea. Never frozen or cooked, caviar from Iran is typically served with traditional garnishes, including finally diced egg whites, egg yolks, and onions. To balance out the flavors, lemon juice is added for a hint of zesty floral notes. Iranians also spread butter on the cracker, which gives each bite a smooth and rich finish.

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