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Caviar Director

Hooked: Khavyar is an American brand specialising in sustainably farmed roe

Few things convey the party spirit as strongly as serving (or enjoying) dishes of caviar to your guests. And for those who like to keep their peers guessing, the new American brand Khavyar is armed with 15 different varieties to ensure that there's something to suit everyone.

Khavyar has gone to great lengths to ensure that its selection is of the highest quality and exciting. All sustainably farmed, the brand's selection is sourced from Israel, Belgium, Denmark and Germany as well as the domestic waters of Louisiana and Alaska. The roe varieties themselves are just as diverse. Ranging from the nutty but mild Ancipenser Gueldenstaedtii and Beluga-like Acipenser Baerii to the crunchy, wild-caught Coregonus Clupeiformis and boisterous Alaskan Onchorhynchus Keta, the flavours on offer truly run the gamut.

Of the fifteen, our Khavyar favourites include its Alaskan ikura salmon, which provides a sweet flavour in large vermilion pearls; its domestically sourced Sturgeon Royal White with large slate-coloured pearls and its Ostera Galilee Prime, harvested from a brood of Russian sturgeon raised in Israel. 

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