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Iran and Russia were once the main global exporters of caviar. In fact, fish roe from wild caught sturgeon was a savored delicacy reserved for royalty, a tradition of haute cuisine that can be traced back to the 13th century. Traditionally associated with royalty, the British monarchy also treasured this decadent indulgence by officially decreeing sturgeon as the 'Royal Fish' reserved for the pleasure of the king. 

Caviar from Italy wasn't only a delicacy for the royal courts of Russia and Iran. According to legend, Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci gifted the Milanese duchess Beatrice d'Este a box of sturgeon eggs encrusted with gemstones. Today, Italian caviar is an essential ingredient in fine dining because it adds elegance and sophistication to a delightful array of amuse-bouche. 

Italian Caviar 

After decades of overfishing and destruction of spawning habitats, CITES banned imports of wild caught sturgeon caviar from Russia and Iran, which ushered in a second era of sustainable aqua culture farms around the world. Italy is now one of the world’s top producers of caviar, which is no surprise for a country with a reputation for exceptional food and fine wine. In fact, Italy sold 42 tons in 2014 alone, with Russia as a major importer of Italian caviar.

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If you're looking to buy Italian caviar online, we are proud to feature a variety of selections of the finest imported roes from Caviar Giaveri, including Beluga Siberian caviar (Acipenser baerii).  This is a meticulously crossed classic Beluga sturgeon with its Siberian counterpart that produces large, dark olive grain berries.

One of the many details that give Caviar Giavier its superior quality is attention to delicacy. Caviar connoisseurs excitedly recognize & appreciate great malossol caviar.  Our Caviar Giaveri Osetra is no exception. Sustainably farmed, hand selected berries are dark with a golden-brown luster, popping with a fruity nuttiness.

Our Caviar Giaveri Siberian is comparable to Servuga.  Delicately fresh with just the right malossol to push a robust texure, this medium grain roe is brown to black in color & boasts a slightly briny flavor that makes this selection very rich to taste.

Compared to wild caught sturgeon, there are many benefits to farm raised roe, particularly regarding quality control. Fish stocks are kept in the purest waters and fed a carefully selected diet designed to maintain optimal health and produce superior quality fish eggs. 

Using a mother of pearl spoon, bone or glass if necessary (metal service ware for caviar is frowned upon among enthusiasts who debate the affect that it may tarnish the flavor), delicately spoon out the tiny black berries and let the tiny eggs roll between the tongue and palate. When you're ready to experience the full flavor, squeeze the eggs in your mouth and notice the burst of complex oceanic flavors as they dazzle your taste buds. To retain the delicate, nuanced flavors of the finest caviar, keep it simple with traditional compliments such as blinis, which are mini pancakes that hold the tapioca pearls of the sea. Add a dollop of crème fraiche for a smooth, creamy finish and a sprig of dill for a hint of aromatics. 

Browse our selection of caviar from Italy and dazzle your dinner guests with a variety of luxurious roe such as Beluga, Osetra, and Siberian. Comparable to the finest wild sturgeon fish eggs from the Caspian and Black seas, our exquisite Caviar Giaveri caviar from Italy offer rich and savory flavors that range from nutty and buttery to rich and pleasantly briny. Order online from Khavyar today and receive free shipping on orders of $200 or more. Orders made before 2pm EST Monday through Thursday will be processed for next day delivery.