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What to Drink with Caviar?

Patrick Brown

Imagine you're eating your favorite variety of caviar, filling your taste buds with the salty flavors of the ocean.

Perhaps you're dolloping your caviar onto a blini with crème fraîche or atop a boiled egg.

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The flavors are vividly exploding in your mouth and you're relishing the experience, and just as you are finishing a bite of your decadent snack, you reach for the ideal beverage to compliment your caviar.

What did you reach for?

If you're not sure which beverages pair best with caviar, fret not! We are here to provide insight into levelling up your caviar experience. 

Fundamental Flavors

Before we dive into the best beverages to pair with caviar, let's look at some of the basic flavors of caviar so we can understand why caviar pairs better with some beverages over others. 

This is important because understanding the fundamentals will let you to decide if a beverage would be a great pair to your decadent treat.

However, as you read this article, remember that this is in fact your experience, and you can experiment with or drink whatever you like with your caviar, these are just tips.

Caviar's Unique Flavor

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Since caviar tends to be salty and oily, you want to consider what pairs with these flavors when selecting your drink. Many people enjoy drinks that harmonize with the fishy oils that encapsulate caviar. 

Crisp, dry, and sharp beverages tend to pair best with caviar, while sugary or heavy drinks tend to overwhelm and pollute the delicate notes of caviar.

With that in mind, different cultures have combined caviar with their traditional beverages to enhance and amplify the flavors of caviar.

Russian Traditions

In Russia, people have been drinking vodka for centuries. It is a high-quality and popular product that comes with the requirement to have some snacks after each glassful. Salty food items like fish or caviar pair well due their strong taste, which can be overwhelming on your palate if not paired correctly in this case.

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Vodka makes a brilliant palette-cleanser between bites which is especially useful if you're serving different varieties of caviar.

Make sure to chill your vodka (around 4 hours at least) before serving, and make sure you are properly storing and serving your caviar as well.

European Traditions

When caviar made it's debut in France, a new tradition was born. The French identified the fishy oils and salty flavors of caviar and decided that the perfect accompanying beverage would be clean, crisp, dry, and bubbly.


Khavyar Caviar Champagne

Yes, we're talking about Champagne. Not only does the countering flavors dance swimmingly with each other, but elegant champagne flutes make a great visual accompaniment to caviar as well!

If you're acquiring champagne for your next caviar escapade, go for the brut and extra-brut varieties to avoid added sugars and sweetness.

Sparkling Wines (other than Champagne)

Outside of Champagne, there are a number of sparkling wines that are ideal companions to caviar. Even though all Champagne is essentially sparkling wine, not all sparkling wines are Champagnes.

Spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco are great choices to try pairing with your caviar.

Rosé could also be a great contender for a caviar compliment (and many other types of seafood as well), especially if you tend to lean towards the drier side.

Dessert Wine / Sherry

Typically, sweeter beverages are not recommended for caviar accompaniment, but some people enjoy the exciting contrast that happens when you combine these sweeter wine varieties with caviar.

The most intense and refreshing flavors of caviars could be a great match for sweet wines like Sherry, depending on your preferences.

The salty caviar balances out the sweetness in Sherry so if this sounds like something you'd enjoy, why not give it a try?

Other Wines

Wine pairings don't necessarily have to be sparkling for you to have a stellar experience with caviar, there are non-sparkling varieties that pair well with caviar!

Red wine, however, tends to be full-bodied and full of tannins, so you don't typically see a lot of red wines paired with caviar for this reason, but if you are committed to your red wine, opt for an exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, or Gamay that will not overpower the caviar.

With a refreshing and elegant character, Sauvignon Blanc will be an excellent companion for the rich flavors of caviar. The fresh herbal notes present in it are accentuated by citrus zest that adds depth while still maintaining some salinity from caviar. 

French dry white wines such as Chenin Blanc or Blaufrankisch provide just enough sweetness without being cloying.

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So, now that you know which drinks pair best with caviar, you can combine your favorites to create a unique experience for you and your guests to savor!

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